Key Legal’s dispute resolution team consist of lawyers with rich experience in handling all types of dispute resolution across various sectors especially involving multiple parties and complex issues. The focus of our team is always on developing innovative and effective legal strategy examining all possible options and alternatives.

Our clients value our team’s approach of taking into account dynamics of fact situation(s), local market(s) and jurisdiction(s), while formulating our strategies and contesting litigations.   We believe that time is of essence in all disputes. Thus, our focus is always on achieving realistic results, in the most time efficient manner.

Key Legal’s dispute resolution practice encompasses representation before (a) Trial courts both civil and criminal; (b) Tribunals including arbitration tribunal; (c) High Court(s); and (d) Supreme Court etc.

Apart from representation, the Dispute Resolution practice includes rendering legal opinions and drafting pleadings in all types of litigations such as (a) Banking litigation; (b) Constitutional litigation; (c) Civil and commercial litigation; (d) Criminal litigation; (e) Corporate litigation including shareholders disputes; (f) Trust litigation; (g) Real estate litigation; and (h) Family litigation.

We are also engaged in alternative dispute resolution processes like international and  domestic arbitrations, conciliation and mediation.