Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

Divorce is a tough decision to make which affects the rest of your life. Before making this hard decision one should consult a professional lawyer to move forward. At Key Legal, you can find experienced divorce attorney who will help you along in the process. A piece of expert advice may help you save your

Common Types of Fraud Crimes

• Bank Fraud: Crimes include cheque fraud, debit card fraud, stolen cheque, gift card, using false identity to open accounts and general loan fraud. • Bankruptcy fraud: Providing false information on documents, hiding assets, transferring assets to family members, filing a false claim, giving or accepting bribe and destroying financial records. • Credit card fraud:

Regarding titled documents being agreement to sell, power of attorney, receipt etc. Honorable High Court held as under the trial court has clearly fallen into an error in disregarding the documents dated 22/9/1987 as not conferring any ownership rights to the Appellant/Defendant No.1 in Delhi, immovable properties are transferred by means of documents being Agreement

Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958

The Delhi Rent Control Bill was been passed by both Parliament Houses and received assent of the President on 31st December, 1958. It came into power on 9th February, 1959 as the Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958. Rent Control measures become necessary when demand for rental property supply become vulnerable. Under Delhi Rent Control Act,

You can now make selection of the best law firm in India on the basis of the practicing areas. Only versatile law-firms deal with all kinds of legal disputes but they are very rare in number. Practicing areas of Best Indian law firms advisory: Valuable legal advices or consultations are being catered by the best

Best lawyers in India have got some special qualities and these qualities have enabled them in gaining highest popularity in the present age. In fact, their practicing skills have been developed due to these special traits. Primary qualities of best Indian lawyers Analytical skills: best lawyers in India have got the highest analytical skills and

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