What are the practicing areas of best law firm in India?

You can now make selection of the best law firm in India on the basis of the practicing areas. Only versatile law-firms deal with all kinds of legal disputes but they are very rare in number.

Practicing areas of Best Indian law firms

  • advisory: Valuable legal advices or consultations are being catered by the best law firm in India. These consultations enable the clients to take right decision for them.
  • Banking litigation: Banking disputes are quite complicated and this is the reason law firms come into the picture. When any banking transactions go wrong then legal cases are filed against the same.
  • Property disputes: Property-related transactions sometimes involve few common disputes and those disputes can be easily solved by hiring the right law-firm.
  • Arbitration: In this case, disputes are settled outside court and here a law-firm plays a great role.
  • Family disputes: These disputes can be of different types and some of the commonest options are divorce, child custody, child abuse and many more. In this case, family law is being implemented by the law firms.
  • Consumer disputes: Dissatisfied consumers usually face these disputes and these cases are being fought legally on a wide platform. Thus, only reputed law-firms are being hired for dealing with these disputes.
  • Debt recovery: These cases are mainly lodged against debtors who have not paid due amounts since a long time. These cases might get complicated turns in case corporate lump-sum dues are involved. The law-firms are mainly hired for bringing a proper settle-down of dues.
  • Intellectual-property litigation: Disputes with patents, company rights, innovative creations and discoveries can be handled only by legal firm.
  • Employer-employee disputes: These kinds of corporate disputes are quite common and popular law-firms are hired so that these disputes can be efficiently resolved. Sometimes, the employers try to deprive the employees from their rights and these firms try to preserve the employee interests in this respect.
  • General crime: All kinds of crimes are categorized under general crime. Skilled and efficient lawyers from reputed law-firms can implement their outstanding communication skills and analyzing capabilities for settling down various complicated criminal cases.
  • Corporate crimes: There are few white-collar crimes like fraudulent business dealings or transactions, criminal trust breach, cheating and others that are included within corporate crimes. These crimes are very much critical and only best law firm in India can deal with the same.

Almost every best law firm in India deals with the above legal niches. You can visit the official site of the firm in order to check out the practicing areas dealt by the same.